I write code.

85% Front-End, 15% Back-End.

Hello there and welcome to my home on the Web!
For the facts, I live in France since 2010 and was born in Montreal, Canada.

I have been working with the web for about 7 years. First as a net artist (cf. art cv), and since late 2016 as a freelance web developer (cf. LinkedIn). My work focuses today on JavaScript environments. I'm a hardcoded passionate of the software craftsmanship approach and believe in learning programming fundamentals before shiny new technologies. Apart from working on web applications and sites, I also enjoy creative coding to render static, moving or interactive graphics.

Tech skills

  • JavaScript, HTML, CSS
  • Vue/VueX, Nuxt, React/Redux
  • Node.js, Express
  • MongoDB, MySQL, GraphQL
  • Git, Webpack, Gulp
  • Jest, AB Tasty
  • Netlify, Heroku

Learning and understanding how things work is what drives me. I learn most efficiently in context and don't require mentoring to create structure from scratch. I like to dive deep into it. I encourage open-source and am confident about its positive impact on education.

Experiences & Disctinctions

Client experience covering missions for Studio FFF, Eptimum, Folhomee, Weenect, Gutenberg, Galerie Hurtebize and projects developped for Arthur Sirignano, Benoit Palop, Marte Kiessling, Noah Elliott Morrison, amongst others. Exhibition works include projects for Digitale Zone, L'Unique, Centre Culturel Canadien, Fluidity.Online, Link Cabinet and Jeune Création. Publications such as Point Contemporain, EX_SITU, ETC Media, The Creators Project/Vice and Rhizome talk about my work. Last but not least, a door to Olia Lialina's Summer, a net art project.

Personal projects

I like to experiment with technologies, learn new programming concepts, do some code refactoring and conceptualize ways to display content. A lot of my personal experimentations end up deleted as most of them are meant to exist only during their development. Others end up being some kind of archives.

Wanna chat about tech and food?

Do not hesitate to contact me to work together!

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